In the past, aluminium windows were favoured primarily in commercial design and construction. However, the demand for these windows has increased in residential spaces. This popularity can be attributed to the appeal of these windows. The metal is malleable, which allows for the creation of sleek and beautiful frames. Also, the material can be polished or coloured for a unique appearance. Besides, aluminium windows are strong, secure and durable. If you are interested in installing these features in your home, use these selection tips to ensure good performance.

Check the Efficiency Rating

It is important to ensure that your new aluminium windows will not cause high energy inefficiencies. In simple terms, these features should not be susceptible to the extreme flow of heat across them. If they do, you will have to deal with high heating and cooling electrical bills. You can avoid compromising your home by choosing insulated glazing for your windows. Moreover, the frames should have an insulating material such as foam to minimise the conduction of heat. It is advisable to inquire about the specific insulation value of different aluminium windows before the acquisition.

Think About the Operation

The performance of the aluminium windows could be compromised by poor operational features. Therefore, you should make sure that your windows can be operated with ease. In an ideal situation, you should opt for fully automated windows. These will eliminate the inconvenience of manual opening and closing. The level of automation will depend on specific products. For instance, Schuco aluminium windows have numerous features such as weather sensors, solar shading and ventilation. It is advisable to discuss your special operational requirements before deciding on the purchase.

Assess the Security Level

The security of your aluminium windows should be high. This consideration is important for all homes, especially for those without security screens. You should ensure that your windows will not be easily compromised by burglars. Different factors contribute to the security of residential windows. The most critical is the availability of a good lock. If possible, your windows should have multiple locking points. The hinges are also susceptible to damage during an intrusion attempt. You must make certain that these are not exposed. Ideally, the fittings should be concealed. Additionally, check on the ease of operating the security locks to avoid inconvenience when opening windows. Finally, you should evaluate the architectural value of the aluminium windows before confirming the selection decision for your home.