In Western Australia alone, there was an average of over a million crimes against property reported over the last five years. Understandably, many Australians worry about crime and, in particular, burglaries. Although the incidence of burglary varies greatly throughout the country, it is something that can strike fear into the hearts of homeowners because it is such an invasive crime. One of the best things you can do is to beef up the security of your home with screens over your windows. Why is fitting professionally made security screens such a good idea?

  • Made to Measure and Decorative

To begin with, high-quality security screens are designed to fit the exact dimensions of your windows. This means that they will look very good with the design of the rest of your home. Indeed, the appearance of today's window screens is so much better than those that used to be produced. Therefore, not only are you able to opt for tailored screens for your home but ornate ones, too.

  • Better Aeration

If you are concerned that someone might try to force their way into your home through a window, then it is likely that you will keep them closed. Although this is sensible when you are out, this countermeasure can be a great shame when you are at home. After all, it is much better for many people's respiratory health to enjoy plenty of ventilation throughout their home. More airflow helps to prevent the build-up of spores, for example. With security screens in place over your windows, it is possible to keep them open without worrying about a potential intruder attempting to gain unwarranted access.

  • Lower Insurance

Any security measure you take to safeguard your home should be considered as an investment. This is because it may help to prevent a crime that would have otherwise occurred. Of course, it is impossible to say whether you will see such a financial return, but this is not the case when it comes to household insurance. Many policies covering the theft of personal belongings from your home will be cheaper if you have anti-burglary measures like window security screens in place.

  • Keep Bugs Out

Flying insects are an annoyance in many parts of the country. If you have security screens covering your windows, then fewer of them will be able to gain access to your home. Fitting them will mean you can enjoy having your windows open in the evening even when your lights are on without worrying about most types of airborne insects.

To learn more, contact a security screen supplier.