Once your sunroom build is complete, you need to think about what to do with your windows. You don't want to put curtains up in this room, but sheers may not be the right option either.

If you want more versatility and light control, then blinds may be the right fit. If you're looking for something a little unusual, then soft shade blinds are worth a look. How do these blinds work, and how will they enhance your sunroom?

What Are Soft Shade Blinds?

Soft shade blinds are made from multiple layers of soft materials, like polyester or other fabrics. Typically, these blinds have one or more layers of sheer material. The spine is a more traditional blind design. It contains a set of softly curved blind vanes that open and close like regular blinds.

What Are the Benefits of Soft Shade Blinds?

Soft shade blinds may be more versatile for your needs than other types of blinds. They combine the soft light of sheers, the flexibility of blind vanes and the covering capabilities of curtains all in one package.

You can also choose from translucent blinds that keep light in your sunroom or darkening ones that give you more blackout options. In both cases, you get precise control over the light in the room.

For example, if you fit translucent soft shades, then your sunroom will always feel bright and airy. If the blinds are up, your windows are clear; when they are down, you have various ways to control the light coming in.

When the shades are down, the sheer parts filter light gently into the room. This reduces sun glare without losing too much light. If your vanes are open, you can still see out of your windows.

If the sun is high, you can also close the vanes on the blinds to block it out. If you tilt the vanes part-closed, then you still let a lot of light in, but the filtering effects of the blinds make this more comfortable. If you close the vanes completely, you lose the glare and heat of the sun, but the translucent nature of the shades ensures that the room retains some light.

Darkening soft shades have the same versatility. However, they allow you to darken the room more which may be useful if you want your windows to have more privacy.

To see examples of soft shades and how they might look on your sunroom windows, contact blinds suppliers in your area.