Sliding patio doors look great and allow plenty of sunlight to come into your home. Unlike French doors, however, they can become prone to certain operational issues that tend to arise after they have been installed for a few years. Like bi-folding doors and other glazed entrance ways, sliding patio doors can do with a little maintenance from time to time to keep them in good working order. Bear in mind that a glazed sliding door repair ought to be conducted by somebody who is qualified or at least has the necessary experience to do a good job. This is because patio doors and windows are often seen by professional criminals as something of a 'soft spot' where they can force unwarranted entry into your home.

What are the most frequently encountered problems with patio doors that you are likely to face?

Faulty Locks 

Many patio doors come with quite a simple locking mechanism that is quite easy to break. In some cases, you may jam the lock into the door jamb such that it cannot be worked free. In other situations, you can easily snap the key off within the lock itself. Sometimes, the lock simply stops working because it no longer recognises they key – a particular problem if the key you use is a copy of the original. Although a sliding door lock repair is a quick issue to sort out, you will need a locksmith or another properly qualified individual to do the work for you because this is not really a DIY job.

Broken Rollers

Most patio doors slide along rollers so that you don't have to force them open and shut under their full weight. The trouble is that some rollers can become snagged on material that gets lodged in them. If they are not made of a durable material, then you might even find that these can snap. Swapping them out for new ones is the best approach, but you'll usually need to obtain exactly the right size from the original manufacturer.

Warped Glazing

This is a surprisingly common problem which is usually the result of defects in the original glazing. Over time and extended exposure to the strong Australian sun, your glazing can become misshapen and eventually this will lead to it prising away from the frame. Any sliding door repair becomes a bigger job once the frame has warped so act sooner rather than later if the glass is starting to bow.