If you have a large deck or patio outside your family room or other such space, you may want to consider glass bifold doors for its entryway. A standard sliding glass door, with just one panel that slides out of the way, may cut off the view of the outside area and may not allow as much light and air as you want into the home when those doors are open. French doors can also offer a grand look and feel in the space, but they also may not open up enough to create the entryway you want.  When you are ready to choose bi-fold doors for this area of your home, note a few tips on finding just the right style for your needs in particular.


Frameless doors are, as the name implies, just panes of glass. These doors can offer the best view to the outside space, but they may rattle more in high winds, as they won't have that added frame to keep them securely in place. Also, frames tend to block sound from outside, so if you opt for frameless doors and live near a roadway or noisy school, choose double-glazed or even triple-glazed glass. These will bounce sound waves off their surface rather than allow them into your home, making the interior space quieter.


If you do opt for a frame around the doors, be sure you note its overall width and size. A solid panel at the bottom of the doors can be good if you have pets who might rub their noses against the door, as that panel is less likely to show dirty nose prints. However, overly thick frames around smaller panels can easily create a cluttered and busy look.

Consider, too, the frame material appearance; a wood deck can be difficult to match perfectly, so choose aluminium doorframes against timber decking instead. If you have patio pavers, choose wood frames in a shade that coordinates with the stones; a deep red for brick pavers, or black to offset grey concrete pavers.

Entryway door

Many glass bi-fold doors will have an entryway door, or a standard hinged door off to one side, for quick exit and entry. While this door can be convenient, note its overall size. A small door may look out of proportion against wider sliding doors. Choose a panel that is the same width as the sliding doors, so the entire wall of doors looks its best.