Bi-fold doors are a great choice for your home's patio entryway, as bi-fold doors can be slid all the way open and folded against a wall so that you have an uninterrupted view of the outside space. This also allows for more foot traffic in and out of the area, which is great for entertaining. When you are ready to shop for bi-fold doors for your home's patio area, note a few details to consider so you know you'll get the best choice for your home.


The threshold refers to the strip of the floor that the door slides across, between the walls or doorframe. Many doors advertise having no threshold, meaning that the door track is flush against the floor, so that you don't trip over any protrusions from the floor. This can be a good look for the doors, but it can also mean that drafts can come in underneath the bi-fold doors. You might want to consider a low threshold instead of a level one; a low threshold may be just slightly raised, no thicker than your finger, and this will block wind and cold while not creating a tripping hazard.

External tracks

Some bi-fold doors will have external tracks that they run along, rather than the tracks being recessed in the doorframe. These may be cheaper to install since the track is just bolted to the doorframe, rather than an area for the track being cut and drilled into the frame. However, an external track is usually easier for someone to pry away from the home, so they can then break in rather easily. It may be worth the investment to have a recessed track for added security.


The weight of the doors can make a difference in how easily you can move them; remember that you will need to push an entire wall of doors when you fold them up! It's good to visit a showroom and actually try out different doors, and you should make note of the size and weight of the frame, the weight of the glass, and other such details. You may love the look of a thick wood frame, and you may want thick security glass for your doors, but once you try to push those doors open, you may see that they're simply too heavy and cumbersome for you. If you can't visit a showroom, ask about the weight of each door panel and then add up all the panels you'll need, and note if you might need a lighter set of bi-fold doors for your home.