Glass shower screens can allow for more light in your bathroom, which is good for smaller spaces and for those with dark paint or floor tiles. Shower screens also offer a clean look, as opposed to a shower curtain that might get dingy and dirty after just a few months or even weeks of use. When you are ready to choose new glass shower screens, note a few important tips you don't want to overlook, so that you know you will be happy with those screens for years to come.


The style of door refers to how it opens, meaning sliding doors or pivot doors. Sliding doors include two panels; one panel is typically fixed and the other will slide behind it for an opening. Pivot doors are on hinges that attach to the wall or to another glass frame.

Sliding doors may require more cleaning, as water often tends to collect in its track; however, pivot doors need more clearance to open and close. The hinges on pivot doors will also need some maintenance, including oiling and checking for any developing rust. Note that these hinges can actually be very oversized, so that they add a touch of metal to the bathroom, toning down the look of the glass. Be sure you choose a type of metal for any hinges, tracks, handles, and other hardware that matches your bathroom's towel bars, so that everything coordinates.

Glass appearance

Clear glass will go with any decor or style in the bathroom, but textured glass can tone down the look of the glass if this seems too modern and plain for you. This texture can resemble a waterfall or waves, or the glass may simply be bumpy.

Patterned shower glass has a more defined pattern or picture that is part of the texture. Your options are virtually endless for patterned glass, so you might choose an etched flower to match your floral linens, bamboo shoots if you like the look and feel of an Asian spa in the bath, or geometric shapes for a clean look.

Type of glass

Shower glass is typically legally required to be a certain thickness and to be toughened in some way, so that the glass won't shatter into dangerous shards if it should break. However, you might consider opting for glass that's even thicker than what's legally required if you have balance issues that might cause a fall in the shower, pets that you bathe in the shower, or any other added risk for the glass to be broken.

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