Security grilles, also known as concertina grilles or collapsible gates, are a great way to protect your business from intruders. They're low cost and low maintenance, and allow you to see inside your shop or premises from the outside. However, security grilles do come with their own problems. For example, as well as allowing you to see inside, they also allow potential thieves to see inside and scope out your goods at any time of day. If you're thinking of improving your business' window protection, here are three reasons to switch to roller shutters.

They Cover Everything

The most obvious benefit that security shutters offer over grilles is that they cover the entire face of your building with no gaps. This means that potential intruders can't scope out your goods unless your shop is open, which many thieves will avoid doing as they don't want to be seen. Having a full covering also means that there are no unprotected spaces that can be smashed or shot through.

They're More Intimidating

Because roller shutters keep everything covered, they give the appearance of a more comprehensive security system. Having an intimidating window covering can drastically reduce the chance of an attempted break in, as thieves will tend to speculate or assume that there'll be an alarm system or CCTV cameras to contend with once inside.

They Can Be Electronically Operated

Security grilles are almost always manually operated. This means that pulling them back from your window takes physical effort, and can therefore only be done by a member of staff who is fit and strong enough. Security shutters, on the other hand, can be installed with electronic components that allow them to automatically open and close using a remote. This removes the investment of time and effort that security grilles require, and also gives you the opportunity to put any member of staff (including young, elderly, or disabled employees) on the closing shift.

They Offer Non-Security Benefits Too

As an added bonus, roller shutters also many benefits unrelated to security. For example, shutters can protect your business against adverse weather, including hailstorms and strong winds that could blow debris into your window. They also create a barrier against noise pollution, which is essential for businesses like pet shops, or for businesses owners whose homes are situated above or behind their company premises. Finally, they also offer another place to advertise. Roller shutters create a solid surface, allowing them to be painted, printed, or postered with ads for your business, promoting the company even when its closed.