If you don't want people to see in your windows, you may want privacy film. This can work for residential and commercial applications, and there are numerous different options. Here's a look at some of the most popular types of window film designed for privacy.

1. Frosted Glass Window Film

You can buy films that make your windows look like frosted glass. This is ideal for window panes in doors, but it can also work for full-size windows on any floor of your home. You can find these in multiple designs including ones that mimic the look of etched glass.

2. Stained Glass Window Films

For a more colorful effect, you may want to check out some privacy films that look like stained glass. They are easy to apply. You just peel and stick, or you can hire a professional installer. Choose from traditional to contemporary designs, or for a slight alternative to stained glass, opt for window films that look like leaded glass. 

3. Decorative Films

You can also just put a lot of little decorative films on your windows. For instance, if you like flowers, you could buy decorative window film in the shape of flowers, and then, you could cover the window with that. As long as you only leave a bit of space between each decal, no one should be able to see past them.

4. One Way Mirrors

Window film can also create the effect of a one-way mirror. When people look at your home or office building, they see a reflection of the surrounding landscape. However, from inside the building, you can easily see outside the one-way mirror.

That allows you to use your windows as normal, and it doesn't obscure your view like stained glass or frosted window frames are prone to do. As an added bonus, many one-way mirror films also block UV rays. However, their downfall is that they don't work as well at night. At night, the side with the light will be visible. Ergo, if you have the lights on inside and it's dark outside, people will be able to see in.

5. Black Privacy Film

To counteract that effect, you may want to opt for black privacy film. That creates privacy during the day and the night. This film can also block UV rays, and it reduces glare. It isn't as easy to see out of as some of the other options listed above.