Most people like to have a home that is bright and airy and that allows in lots of natural light. However, if you have a home that is very dark inside and even a bit cave-like, you can make some simple changes to open it up and create a space that is more inviting overall, beyond just painting the walls white. Note a few simple home remodelling and decorating tips that can transform your home into something bright, airy and very welcoming.

Glass doors

Consider your home's entryway doors and how to add glass to their design. You might opt for a strong wood door with a large, toughened glass insert at the top. Consider glass cut-outs outside the doorframes as well.

Inside the home, install French doors that have glass panels or inserts, rather than being made of solid wood. This can also allow light to pass through your home's interior space and keep it bright and spacious.

Adding windows

Adding windows to your home's exterior walls isn't always as expensive as you might assume, since windows come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes; stationary windows, meaning those that don't actually open, are typically very easy to install. You can have these added next to the home's entryway door, if the glass cut-outs mentioned above are not an option, and to a bathroom, kitchen, or any room with an exterior wall. Even a smaller window still allows in lots of bright sunlight to open up a space, so note where one or more might be added to your home.


Hang large mirrors across from a window to reflect that light and make a space seem twice as bright! If a large, decorative mirror is out of your budget, shop at a salvage store and find an old bathroom mirror. Buy inexpensive moulding and use construction adhesive to glue the moulding to the mirror's edge, and you have a beautiful framed mirror you can use in any room of the home.


Skylights are a great way to add light to any room in the home. You can add a skylight in a kitchen to make it seem brighter and cleaner, or in a back room that doesn't have a lot of direct sun exposure. Even in rooms that are under an upper story, a contractor may be able to construct a type of tube or column for the skylight that runs along an upper story wall so that the space below still gets lots of sunlight.