Choosing double glazed windows for your home is much harder these days, as there are so many styles to choose from. As such installations last for years to come, getting it right the first time around ensures you make a sound investment you love. When you look at your options in terms of practicality and style, you can find the right installation for your home.

Enjoy less cleaning with uPVC

If you're leading a busy lifestyle, uPVC may make life easier. Like plastic, it is easy to wipe down with everyday cleaning solutions, it comes in a range of colours, and it's cost-effective from the beginning. As such, you can find a shade that matches your home's style and look forward to easy upkeep. UPVC windows are also the most popular option, which means if you come to sell your property they're unlikely to deter future buyers.

Take a green approach with timber frames

Whether it's the chance to create a traditional look or the desire to stay green, timber window frames come with plenty of benefits too. If you want to create a period-style look, timber frames lend themselves to the design effortlessly, as they're less harsh on the eye. Unlike uPVC, however, they require specialist cleaning materials to prevent rot, and they need replacing more often. As such, they only appeal to a niche group and require a little more input in terms of maintenance.

Enjoy better thermal performance with aluminium frames

When the hot summer months roll around and you're looking to get more out of your air conditioning system, aluminium windows allow you to enjoy a better thermal performance. Such windows reduce heat fluctuations by 60%, allowing you to enjoy stable temperatures no matter what's going on outside. Like uPVC windows, they're easy to wipe down, although they may require some specialist cleaning products to remain aesthetically appealing. As a durable material, aluminium doesn't require constant repairs and replacements. However, it's available in fewer colours, which means these windows fit in with fewer colour schemes.

When choosing your double glazed windows, consider what's most important to you. Each installation makes your home more energy efficient, yet they all have unique benefits too. While timber frames allow you to stay friendly to the environment, uPVC is easier to maintain and more versatile. In contrast, aluminium reduces your energy bills, yet isn't to everyone's tastes in terms of aesthetics. To make your decision earlier, consider consulting with a professional design team.